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Big Promotion for back to school

julio 26, 2018 2 min para leer

Big Promotion for back to school

Accompanied by back to school fashion, each year’s prom queen and king is the most important thing that let ten thousands of students crazy. So it’s time to prepare your beautiful dress, pretty accessories, as well as fine makeup to show and win in back to school season. When you chase good-looking, how can you ignore these colored contact lenses?

TTdeye contact lenses 50% off for back to school

Detailed Big Discount As Follows

1.Promotion Date: August 15 -17
2.Big Discount: 50% Discount for 10 types major products. 40% Discount for 8 kinds of hot sale products, as well as 30% discount 4 mode other products

TTDeye’s Big Discount for Contact Lenses

During back to school days, TTdeye.com makes a big promotion activity for all of you. No matter you are a student, teacher, or the parents, you always can pick up your favorite contact lenses in TTdeye. What’s more, it’s also the best time for you to purchase in back to school deals, because you can enjoy so big discount as well as exquisite gifts, which are never offered in other day. Don’t hesitant, just come to TTdeye.com, and there are hundreds of circle lenses provided for you.

TTdeye color contact lenses

Last Year’s TTdeye’s Sale Volume in Back to School the Season

1.July to Sept of back to school sales, TTdeye mainly sell circle contact lenses almost 100,0000, and we also win high reputation among these customers.
2.TTdeye’s market shares is ranked No.2 in kinds of coloured contact lenses during back to school shopping,which also reflect TTdeye is reliable and trustable.
3.About 80% customers that come to TTdeye during 2017 back to school shopping deals buy our colored contact lenses again, you don’t need to worry about the quality of TTdeye’s product, because so many people like and choose.

TTdeye sales volume in back to school season

Why You Should Buy Color Contact Lenses in Back to School Day?

1.So Pretty. Usually the special design in circle lenses, just as the inner and outer ring will make a magic effect that let your eyes looks bigger and brighter, which can much helpful for you in back to school promto be a queen.  
2.More Health. Besides helping you own one pretty face, these contact lens also help you to corrected vision, as well as protect your eyes.

TTdeye's Cutomers
3.So Cheap. Due to alumni back to school activities, you can purchase many circle lenses with low cost. Usually it’s third times cheaper than other days.
4.More Useful. Besides homecoming events, these coloured contact lenses can also be used in other places, such as other costume party, Christmas Day, Hallow’s Day and so on.

So just come to TTdeye.com to pick up one useful and beautiful colored contact lenses for you, your children, parents or teacher during homecoming season right now.

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