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Gradient star Brown

agosto 02, 2017 1 min para leer

Gradient star Brown

When I was young, I especially enjoyed watching stars at night.They flash in the sky and light up my night. Now in the city, I see fewer and fewer stars, and the busy work and the bright lights have made me forget the stars. But the twinkling of the stars is the most beautiful sight I've ever felt. 

Now, do you want to see twinkling stars in your eyes? 

Gradient star Brown, a contacts that makes your eyes glow with the stars.

Brown makes your eyes more profound, while delicate and dense radial lines, so that your eyes blooming light. The most beautiful place is the white star pattern. Two stars patterns, big and small, bright and dark, seem to twinkle in the eyes. Let your eyes change colors while making your eyes more attractive!  Add a ring of black edges around contacts to make your eyes bigger and more visible.

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