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How to Distinguish Two Sides of Lenses

diciembre 02, 2017 1 min para leer

TTDEYE Colored Lenses Instruction
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Last class, we had discussed the correct way of wearing lenses.

We’ve received many messages of expressing gratefulness of benefiting a lot from the instructions.

Now let’s move on...


Theme: how to distinguish the two sides

Method 1

Slightly put the lenses above one finger (usually index finger) with the lens up. The right side displays a “U” shape as the pic shows.


In reverse, the opposite side displays a inverted straw hat as the pic shows. That is to say, the edge shapes like the brim of the hat. Put the lenses back into the solution and turn it over.

It is not recommended that turning the lenses over on the finger.

Usually the right side gives the view of a full bowl with smooth curve. The wrong side makes the view of a plate with the edge inside-out, which is smaller and a little bit flatter than the right shape.

Practice makes perfect! Multiple practices can make you easier to tell the two sides!

It will discomfort your eyes , even cause eyes diseases if you put wrong side in!

So much for the third class on telling two sides of contact lenses.

Keep following and see you next lesson!

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