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Beauty Boy-Jake Jamie Recommend TTDeye Queen Contact Lenses

diciembre 19, 2018 2 min para leer

Beauty Boy-Jake Jamie Recommend TTDeye Queen Contact Lenses

Everyone like beauty, and everyone has rights to chase beauty, especially for the man.
It’s no doubt that human is the animal that prefers pretty, for these beautiful people or things, we’re willing to spend more time on it.
These days, makeup is no longer just for girls, more and more boy also begin to makeup, boy makeup have been one fashion trend in our society. I have seen so many boys in street owned handsome appearance rely on makeup.

 Jake Jamie and TTDeye queen contact lenses for sale

Who is Jake Jamie

I believe no matter you are girls or boy, you must know Jake Jamie- the famous beauty boy, who has a deep understanding of makeup.

Among his social media, such as Youtube, Twitter, and Instagram, he contribute us so many makeup tutorial and cosmetips, especially for the boy.

As the first male spokesmodel of U.K. beauty brand Soap & Glory, as well as the first male spokesperson for U.K. brand L’ Oreal in 2017, Jake Jamie own 30,599 subscribers in Youtube and 337k followers in ins. He is definitely one influential people for makeup.

Oct, 19, 2018, Jame Jamie published on video to recommend to TTDeye’s queen series contact lenses. On the one hand, we are so happy that we can get Jake Jamie’s approve. On the other hand, I also know we deserved it, especially TTDeye queen series color contact lenses-the top 1 hot sale color contact lenses these 2 years.

Why TTDeye’s Queen Contact Lenses is So Hot?

TTDeye 5 types of queen contact lenses

Detail of Queen Series Colored Contacts

TTDeye mainly published 5 types queen contact lenses according to different color, which includes queen brown, queen grey, queen blue, queen green, and queen chocolate.

Just like the Jake Jamie’s video show, due to clear color and delicate figures, thousands of TTDeye’s customers give highly reputation for TTDeye queen contact lenses for natural and hybrid effect, charming and sparkling eyes they brought.

TTDeye queen colored contact lenses for sale

TTDeye other colored contact lenses for sale

Smart Features of Queen Series Contact Lenses

Just like its name, queen series lenses want everyone who wears it will be pretty and unique, and with gorgeous appearance to seize every chance and also enjoy yourself every day. Except for color, TTDeye 5 kinds of queen contact lenses are same on figures, technology, as well as diameters. Just as following.

1. Wonderful color choose. Every queen colored contacts hold its own style with unique color, elegant, gentle, clever, mystery or shining, no matter for heavy or light makeups, these queen contact lenses always can show your own style.
2.Advanced sandwich painting process. Using this tech, differ from traditional contact lenses, we divided contact lenses 3 layers, which can avoid pigment layers contact with our pupil directly, which can ensure our eyes safe and healthy maximum.
3.38% Water content make sure enough moisture for our eyes all day long, offer a comfortable and easy environment for our eyes.
4.14.2mm diameters. According to people real eyes, we design delicate grain and 14.2 mm diameters to offer you natural and real eyes.

Hi, my lovely friends, wear TTDeye queen contact lenses now. After all, everyone has rights to chase beauty, no matter you are the boy or girl.

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