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Theme- Be Natural, Be More, Be The Most!

enero 23, 2018 3 min para leer

What color is the most natural one?

What color is the best choice for deep-colored skin?

What color is for people without makeup?

What color is the one that won’t change your eyes color and stay natural?


We receive many questions from TTD supporters like these above!

No doubt that everyone loves to be beautiful. And a perfect match among lenses, skin color and makeup is quite important, which definitely complimenting your look and temperament.

Any defect can make a bad difference beyond expectations!

Today, let’s show you the answers to question - how to select colors correctly?


Q1. What color is for deep skin if you people prefer brown and blue?

Brown color is definitely for people with fair-skinned or suntanned color.

Brown color could be chocolate, making you natural and graceful. With such color, you could be noble and elegant if you are intellectual and peaceful, which is the preference to office girls. One sure thing is that grey-colored lenses are always good for various skin colors, like yellow, white and wheat, quietly elegant and mysterious on big watery eyes. People couldn’t love it more! What’ more, gray can give you a view of mixed race, and make white-skin girls more sexy.

Also, something goes same as the way of choosing clothes that back color is always neutral! Therefore, no matter what skin color you have, you can choose black. This color can make your eyes bigger and brighter, which is the most obvious effect of enlarging! However, pure black color is not the best choice for it looks dull. For black contacts, Snowflake Black colored lenses and Little Black Circle colored contacts are strongly recommended.

If you are fair-skinned and if you want fantastic mood and a feeling of smart, blue lenses deserve your a try. And it is also the choice for girls with wheat color.

In addition, purple is one symbolized color of being mysterious, sexy and deep. This color can get you transformed immediately into a mysterious and noble queen under your slightly smoky eyes, but is not applicable for girls without makeup.

This is the review of brown and blue colors, and other colors we recommend!

Q2. What colored lenses are for girls with light makeup?

Girls know that makeup is the key to match with lenses, especially eyes makeup.

It is such a awkward thing that you are wearing purple contacts without makeup. Most of girls don’t want the lenses to be shown too much in public, so brown and black are the prior choices of these girls!

Hazel color from brown, eyes-enlarging black, both compliment girls with light makeup. What’s more, gray and chocolate are also good choices for outing! Gray color brings you a feeling of mixed race, which is good with cosmetics; chocolate gives the effect of naturally moist, and of bright and charming, so slight smoky makeup stands No.1, making your facial features vivid and even highlighting your big watery eyes. Deep brown eyes shadow makes your eyes outstanding. Matching with light blusher and lip gloss, it makes your big eyes vividly portrayed and even eyes-catching in public with delicate colors of eyebrow and hair.

Q3. What colors are for light-colored eyes?

Colors that are close to iris color are the prior choices if you want natural effects on your light brown eyes, like brown and chocolate colored contacts.

However, there is no completely black eyes, but mixed with brown color more or less, so black and golden contact lenses are easily accepted. With eyes-enlarging effects, black color make girls’ eyes of much expression; brown lenses, in one way, make your eyes naturally transparent, and round and big, with mysterious expression like a cat. Cat girls are always people’s love. Put your colors and be a flexible cat girl.

In pursuit of natural wearing, lens pattern is also quite necessary. Some patterns with radiating lines could create perfect match with eyeballs, or with obvious outer ring could reach such same view.

Last but not least, select the lenses based on your eyes size to experience comfortable wearing!

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