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Crystal ball blue&Amo Brown

marzo 23, 2017 2 min para leer

Crystal ball blue&Amo Brown

Here’s my review of @ttd_eye@ttdeye Amo Brown(bottom) an Crystal Ball Blue(top)lenses!

Store/Seller:4/5 this company is really nice and has a good range of lenses.There’s a somewhat wide range of colors to choose from and if you want more vibrant colors like red,etc.you can go to the party category!!!there’s also a more natural color selection which isn’t an issue at all!there are a good category range which is pretty self explanatory!Some of the contacts are pretty pricey so if you’re looking for a cheaper selection you’ll have to look around.I do think the selection of lenses are beautiful though and if you do have the money to spend i would suggest looking around on their website;)

Shipping:5/5the shipping was standard for a package to the US!It took about almost two weeks to deliver!

Communication:5/5,Replies were very fast and the person was very sweet!

Comfort(top):3.5/5the blue lenses weren’t bad but i did have a slight discomfort but it wasn’t where i had to take out and put in again, it’s more that you can slightly tell they’re in there but after a while you get used to it.I still really enjoy them though:)update:the next day they felt way better they just needed to soak on the solution a bit longer i guess!

Comfort(bottom):5/5These are probably my favorite pair out of the two because they’re very comfortable and you can hardly tell they’re there!(both pairs hug the eye very nicely and don’t move around at all unless manually done)

Color:5/5for both!!I was a bit worried with how the blue would show up on my eyes but i’m more than pleased because they’re a beautiful blue on my hazel eyes but i can’t say how they would look with dark brown overall.it looks very natural in photos!the brown contacts slightly blended with my own eye color payoff for both lenses are really nice and i can’t say i had any complaints

Size;4.5/5 this is a little more of a personal opinion than any but, the size is pretty much what i was hoping for!not to enlarging but very slightly,the brown contacts are a bit larger than the blue(continued in comments)


More info,Follow TTDEYE Instagram official @ttdeye @ttd_eye

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