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5 Types Charming Eye Makeups Brought by 2018 Fashion Show

septiembre 22, 2018 3 min para leer

5 Types Charming Eye Makeups Brought by 2018 Fashion Show

Simple eye makeup, smokey eye make up, which is better?

Is girlish makeup suit for me or not?

What’s fashion makeup this year?

Faced with beauty, girls always have some many questions.

Eye makeup in Paris show

Why not find these answers in 2018 fashion shows, may be we will get some special inspirations for eye makeup. Besides pretty girls, attractive clothes, countless video camera as well as brilliant stages, 2018 autumn and winter show is enough to guide the fashion trend in the whole year, and offer us amazing inspirations cloth and makeup.

For example the Paris show, it’s not just the attractive clothes drive us crazy, but also these unique makeup styles.

Green Eye shadow

Near the Kiosk on Seine,one elegant lady walked on us slowly, with silver gray suit, sequin shaft bush and sex inner cloth designed on cuff and dress,shining sliver on black velvet just like unique jewel box.

Green eye makeup of Chanel show

However, the most fascinating for me is her expressive big eyes.Differ with fashion peach blossom makeup, this eye makeup style using sliver and green elements, matched with the suit,create one sense of elevation with feeling of fresh and dynamic,offer us big surprise and profound impression.

In our daily life,we can also use these two elements to forge our new eye makeup.First,using the silver eyeshadow as base, then draw one green eyeline at the end of eyelash.The green color will bring energy for this silver tone,make our eye makeup live.

Black eyeline

Inspired by architecture,PeiGuo make full use of architectural element in every detail,show us the topic of "clothing is walking architecture".

Black eyeline in Paris show

From garment accessory to makeup,just use rich line, geometric figure and floral designs,she achieve the perfect balance between reason and romantic.As the typical element of Gothic style, black is widely used in this series.

Similar with this,in our daily life, we can also paint this black eyeline.For example,make common eyeline move up 2 or 3mm, or paint some geometric figure like triangle or square to make your eye makeup design more advanced.

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Black eye makeup

In this show,Fendi made fur soft and colorful though incredibly innovative ways, instead of long time fur element display, Fendi offer us creative and beneficial soul collision.

Black eye makeup in Paris Show

Look at makeup, in order to highlight their multicolored clothes,Fendi adopt the rounded black eye makeup,the simple eyeline make poly basic color settle down,which offer you high fashion edge.

It's rarely have chance or occasion to wear so inflated eyeline, however we totally can paint the semi-enclosed eyeline near end of eyelash, just like the pictures does, which make your eyes look bigger in vision

Velvet Nude Makeup

In order to show luxury and rich costume, Gucci bring us clean foundation,the matte velvet nude makeup is the best partner of formal dress. Besides Gucci,Dior also choose this simple and elegant nude makeup to match with their graceful dress,show us another pure feeling and high fashion edge.

Velvet makeup in Paris show

In our daily life,we complete can wear this nude makeup, so natural and practical,which is the best choose for work, date or school.

After pave flimsy liquid foundation, we use matte loose powder to smear on our face,then you will finish the matte velvet makeup.

Armani Pink Series Makeup

Differ from the other styles,Armani's make up full of young girl style,make you gentle and sweet,which is also popular among girls around the world.

Pink girl eye makeup

The red eyeshadow just like leaves match with dizzy lower eye line, as well as delicate shaggy eyebrows, then will get characterful makeup.

Combine with eye makeup lesson I talked last post : how to make gorgeous eye makeup, I believe that you will wear your beautiful eye makeups, be sweet, elegant and pretty girls. 

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