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5 Effective Ways to Ensure Colored Contacts Safety(2019)

febrero 19, 2019 5 min para leer

5 Effective Ways to Ensure Colored Contacts Safety(2019)

“When I saw other girls wear colored eye contacts, I thought it was pretty, however, sometimes, I worry about its safety, so I’m hesitant if try on colored contacts or not”, Emma said 3 days ago.

Then I also asked some of my friends and customers, and I found most of them are actually think more about colored contacts safe.

After all, eyes are so important for us. More times they will think, are colored contacts harmful, are colored contacts are safe to wear?

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On the one hand, plenty of girls and boys wear kinds of bright colored contacts, many of them are around us. On the other hand, there is news that reported horrible eye diseases caused by wearing colored contact. So we are confused, whether yearly colored contacts are safe or not?

Actually, if treat every step related colored contacts carefully, we can avoid 98% of risks brought by kinds of colored contacts. In fact, these high-quality colored contacts hold a little even not the risk for our eyes, however, these need you to distinguish and buy these most comfortable colored contacts.

4 Conditions That Makes Fashion Colored Contacts Not Safety

1. Wearing bad quality and fake color contacts.
2. Choose improper fashion colored contacts, such as too big or small diameter all will damage your eyes or create a slide, which creates a potential risk for some eyes disease.
3. Wrong wearings steps of good quality colored contacts
4. Fault wearing methods or occasions

Combined my own experience and my customers’ survey, I got these 4 elements are likely to bring eyes to harm in daily life. And so it’s easy for us to avoid these possibilities if we prevent each aspect.

First, also is the most important parts, to choose one famous and trustable quality colored contacts which not only can ensure the first-class quality of colored contacts free shipping but also should hold thorough after-sale service, once there are some issues such as shipping or lenses break down happened can be solved quickly.

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5 Useful Steps to Find Good Colored Contact Brand

1. Just scan these brand’s web to see if some essential information is mentioned clearly, which should includes shipping track, return and refund policy, customer service mail and phone, as well as about us page, if it’s true and normal.

2. Also about these cool colored eye contacts brands web, after visiting them, we will see its logo, color match, typeface, product description and blog, the first time we click, we will feel if it’s one reliable brand or not.

3. Just I mentioned how to buy colored contacts on the last post, you also can see these new brand social content, to observe if it has plenty of fans, and what about these following’s attitude or review, if the unique colored contact brand has a more good reputation than bad.

4. Sometimes, some coupon sites and Youtube channels are also the best spots for you to find one excellent colored contact store.

5. We also should concern these brand’s colored contacts’ price.  Usually, due to raw materials and fine manufacturing process, as well as advanced machine and R&D budget, these colored contacts free shipping’s price is not so low. When buying colored contacts overnight shipping, the price is not only one element that is considered, we also should think about the others, like quality and reputation. 

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Another 4 Tips for Choose Safety Colored Contacts

1. We'd better buy unique colored contacts from these regular and famous brand, don't buy some inferior lens just because of the low price.

2. If you have enough budget, these colored contacts free shipping with high oxygen permeability and a short replacement cycle is better.

3. We should pay more attention to colored contacts' clean, as well as the clean of your hand when wear or remove off colored contacts.

4. Instead of choosing one pair of colored contacts only for great appearance, we should think more about whether it's suitable or not.

Read here, you can have comprehensive knowledge about how to choose one reliable colored contacts website and brand. However, it’s not enough, we also should know our eyes character and raw materials, then we can do better.

Let’s move on.

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3. Fault Points About Color Contacts You May Have

1. Higher Water Content, higher Quality Contacts

In fact, 38%-42% Water content is better, on the contrary, low but suitable water content of adore colored contacts are better to keep our eyes moisture, that's because in order to maintain high water content, sometimes, the ens will absorb some water from our eyes.

So sometimes, the high water content may not good for our eyes.

2. Silicone Hydrogel Lenses are Best

Usually, most of us prefer buying 1-year colored contacts in daily life, however, are they really good or suit for everyone?

I don’t think so.

Generally speaking, there are mainly 3 kinds of large colored contacts material, silicone hydrogel, nonionic materials, and HEMA common materials. Rely on different situation, we should choose different materials beauty supply colored contacts.

For example, HEMA materials contacts are suitable for a stay up late, take a plane and periods of girls, silicone hydrogel is better for those people whose eyes are dry, while nonionic is more used for these people who own sensitive eyes.

Want to know detail information about these 3 materials of colored contacts, visit here: https://ttdeye.com/blogs/tips/grey-lenses#Materials

3. Bad Contacts Quality Caused Slide

Actually, most of the slide condition occurred just because we don’t choose the right colored contacts base curve.

Sometimes, other people may also find their colored contacts are difficult to wear, and they will feel not comfortable or easy, one possible reason is the base curve.

Commonly, most people’s eye radian is between 8.4-8.6, these colored contacts with 8.6±0.2 will be suitable for you.

Want the other colored contacts to slide reason just visit here.

Exclude several reasons related to colored contacts ‘ quality mentioned, some artificial reasons also result in some potential risk for our eyes.

Correct steps  to wear color contacts

5 Effective Tips When Wear Contacts

In order to reduce the risk of eye disease, we should wear these best looking colored contacts during one suit times.

1. We'd better wear the most popular colored contacts no more than 8 hours every day.

Once wear most popular colored contacts too long time, which is likely to result in cornea lack of oxygen of due to eyes can't contact with outside, making our eyes resistance dropped and became dry, or even cause poor eyesight.

2. Don't wear one pair of 14mm colored contacts for a long time that over these colored contacts requirements.

After many days we wear exotic colored contacts, there are would be some protein precipitate on contact lenses. Longer days, more protein. However, if wearing color contacts in or less than regulation days, and clean them in time, we can avoid some eyes disease.

3. If you can spare 2 days without all kinds of awesome colored contacts every week, your eyes will be healthier.

4. When wearing colored contacts, we shouldn’t knead eyes. As well as every time take on or remove the lens, we should clean our hand and these colored contacts.

5. Once you feel uncomfortable of your eyes when wearing colored contacts, you should remove off these colored contacts right now.

6. Wear eye colored contacts on wrong occasions also will increase the risk of eyes disease. Such as we’d better don’t wear lenses in bad weather, like a windy day, hazy day and other more situation I told here.

Hope these 4 tips will help you a lot to choose a reliable brand and high-quality color contacts. Be pretty every day.   

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