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Best Color Lenses for Transgender Women

noviembre 19, 2017 2 min para leer



“I was born trans. And I discovered that I was trans at about the age of 13.” , says Andreja Pejic, who is a high-fashion transgender model and always knows what she wants to be. In front of the camera, she is so confidence and dares to share her journey to becoming a woman unreservedly.


Facing with a barrage of criticism and questions, she still fellow her heart rather than hid who she was. Gorgeous as she is, she could be an admirable icon of all the trans. Just don’t be afraid, try to be brave in front of crowds and show them your strong faith. Yup, this is also what the best color lenses wearing effect for transgender women requires. So here I will recommend several colored contacts to trans women.


  1. Gradient Star Brown

Dream series of colored contacts lenses from TTDEYE is great for transgender women. And here the type of contact lenses, Gradient Star Brown from Dream series I recommend you is very brilliant. It not only contains the brown color, there is also some soft pink on it and the regions in pink just look like shining stars. That’s really pretty girly patterns which can represents youth, hope and confidence that might be tailored to transgender women’ taste.


2.Black Starshine Contact Lenses

This type of colored contact lenses is belong to Gold Leaf series, a series that full of vitality. The black color of the Black Starshine Contact Lenses can show a deep and real inner life of trans women better, allow trans to portray their fortitudinous charm while the stunning light orange looks so lively and attractive. Besides, the decent pattern can also improve the visual beauty of wearing and to most of people, it enables them to show their youthful vigour.


  1. Real Khaki

  Real Khaki is a pretty good choice for transgender women, it looks extremely natural on the eyes. And the pale green color embodies the intellectual elegance and sensitivity of trans women. This is not just a pair of colored contact lenses that makes people look more beautiful, it has magic to make you as glamorous as stars. I hope you will like it.


These are all my recommendations for transgender women, hope you will love these beautiful colored contact lenses and if you have any questions, just make a comment below. Finally I want to share some words from Pejic with trans women and those who think they were born to be a girl: “You will grow into the woman you always wanted to be. You will find love, you will be successful, you will be happy.”





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