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Best colored contact lenses to make Smokey eyes

octubre 16, 2017 2 min para leer



Smoky eye makeup is like ever green tree, it has been active in major fashion week and the red carpet show. Whether it's dark black and grey shades or subtle brown and bronze hues, a darker eye can meet almost everyone. By now, the smoky eye is not only confined to the black and grey colors, golden brown or purple-grey color, but also has become the favorite of the young actress.


Smokey eyes look beautiful with a pair of eye contact lenses, the chemical reactions when Smoky mix different color lenses is stunning Celebs such as Lily Collins, Scarlett Johnasson and Kim Kardashian once leaved fancy in front of the cameras. Of course, Beauty is every woman's right. Therefore, let’s get to learn from them. Check out some celeb looks here.

1.Lilly Collins with Smokey eyes and emerald eye contact lenses


Lily Collins shows us a very beautiful retro make-up, we're getting vintage vibes from this look, glowing skin, emerald eyes like a jewel and bright red lips she was more like princess living in the forest. I think most young artists will love this makeup, purple-gray color smoky makeup and green contact lenses shading a feeling of tipsy, and there is temptation in the cool, emitting as much woman's charms and tenderness as possible. Just like a glass of red wine, leaving a memorable impression. Lily Collins proves that purple-gray color of smoky and green lenses can work together and the comparison is very enjoyable.


  1. Scarlett Johnasson with smokey eyesandturquoise-colored lenses


We adore Scarlett Johnasson take on the smoky eye. It's subtle yet shimmery and super sophisticated. She uses dark eye shadow to paint a small area of eyes and lower eyelids, creating a handsome neutral rock makeup. Deep Purple paired with golden brown eye shadow, turquoise-colored lenses, the color matching is strong and bold. The best part is her eye contact lenses, which compliments the eye makeup perfectly.


  1. Kim Kardashian with Smokey eyesandbrown lenses


Kim Kardashian is a very big fan of the smoky eye, and is rarely seen without it! Here she is combining her smokey eyes with brown contact lenses. With the perfect collocation of black and ash, her eyes look deeper, and overall sense of style is more mature. She chose Brown lenses between black and grey, which plays a role of transition to make eye makeup look more natural and soft and clearly, it works.

After reading so many stars match, are you also eager to use smoky eye with different lenses? Make sure the color of your eye shadow and contact lenses will not conflict, whether form a transition or follow the color of pupil itself, these are both infallible methods. 

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