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Best hair color with lenses

noviembre 10, 2017 2 min para leer

For better visual effects, contact lenses are no longer just for the sake of seeing, but also for us to create more fashionable appearance. Would you wear the same clothes in the office and nightclubs? Of course, not the eye image is equally important, so you should not always use the same lenses. Contact lenses can create different effects with different hair color combinations. Here, I will introduce various practical guidelines about best hair color with lenses.

So what kind of impression and feelings do the pupils of different colors bring? In the sense, the light pupil is hotter and softer, while the dark eye color is colder and harder. Light eye color tends to be associated with emotional disclosure, such as sexual enthusiasm, which is very consistent with blond-haired, blue-eyed Europeans and Americans.

For Blonds


I would not hesitate to choose blue if I were to evaluate the most versatile colors in the lenses world. Mystic blue, make our eyes as deep as the lake. In this product- Queen Blue on TTDEYE, elegant blue is applied to the outer ring of lens, balancing the dazzling golden color. It can very well mask the original color of your pupils. Gold is a shiny color, and with the psychological implications of Barbie dolls and popular actress, blondes have become the standard for perfect girls. Girls who are not a natural blonde, can also try a green contacts, which may look natural and beautiful.


For brown hair & black hair

People with brown or black hair look best in brown or grey contact lenses. Brown contact lenses with fresh nude makeup can highlight natural charm. Use brown eye shadow to emphasize pair of eyes, add light nude lip color and blush, make you appear more noble and graceful. I strongly recommend the Polar lights Brown for brown hair, if you match them, a lot of people will question you whether they are your real eyes. Because it looks so natural that people don’t believe they are contacts, even a darker skin doesn't matter.



Red hair is very popular in England. The person with the wine red hair has a very white face, because the wine has a bright effect. So someone with this color can try blue or green lenses. The red and blue are contrasting colors on the hue circle. Strong comparisons can be impressive.

For silver hair

Silver hair is already a trend, it can create amazing looks, and many girls are obsessed with it. People agree that silver hair and grey lenses are great combination. If you want to look more stand out, Gradient Star Grey is the best choice.


A stylish and perfect shape has a great relationship with the overall harmony. The wearing of the lenses needs to match appropriate hair color and makeup, it’s crucial for you to think about the best hair color with lenses. Go and pick one of the most suitable for your eyes!

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