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HoneyColor VS Ttdeye

noviembre 01, 2017 2 min para leer



Since colored contact lenses has been a hit among young people, more colored contact lenses brands like Solotica, Eyecandys appear. HoneyColor and Ttdeye are just two of all these brands. Both of them specialize in selling colored contact lenses with many brilliant colors. But there are still lots of differences between these two brands. Here I’d like to show you some of the distinctions.


Difference 1: Ttdeye provides more pattern options for customers than HoneyColor.

Just open the delicate website of Ttdeye, you will find multiple colored contact lenses with various beautiful patterns like gradient star and gold angel wing. They all look extremely awesome and perhaps, they will fit your taste. However, in the online store of HoneyColor, you won’t have as many pattern options as Ttdeye provides. So if you are a professional cosplayer, you might not find your favorite contact lenses in HoneyColor, if not, and you prefer the contact lenses that look very natural, then HoneyColor product such as Clalen Iris 1Day Latin is a pretty nice choice for you.



Difference 2: Customers has more choices in price category in Ttdeye than in HoneyColor.

Compared to HoneyColor colored contact lenses, the average price of Ttdeye contact lenses is a little bit higher, but that doesn’t mean that Ttdeye products are very expensive, it is much cheaper than some contact lenses brand like Desioeyes. The price of Ttdeye contact lenses mainly depend on its quality and appearance and it’s generally between $19 to $49 while the price of HoneyColor contact lenses is between $13.9 to $30.51.


Difference 3: Ttdeye provides a better user experience.

For user experience, I have to say that though Ttdeye has some inadequacies , it still have done better than HoneyColor anyway. Just take their official websites for instance, the classification of goods on Ttdeye website is more explicit and the on-site search is also more efficient than in HoneyColor site. So since lots of people focus much on user experience, I really hope that HoneyColor can improve its website performance soon.


Well, though both HoneyColor and Ttdeye are in high quality and biologically safe, I personally prefer the latter one. Because Ttdeye can offer me more pattern and color options to choose what I want and the products categorization on its website is very clear and efficient so that I could save much time on searching my favorite colored contact lenses .

Finally if you want to know more about these two brands, here are two short videos that introduce several of their products for you. The one is about Honey Color Contact Lenses, and the other is about TTDEYE Contact Lens.



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