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 How to Take Out Contact Lens Faster

noviembre 03, 2017 2 min para leer



Since you’ve already mastered the methods of putting contact lenses in your eyes successfully, it’s necessary for you to know how to take these contacts out. So here I collect several effective ways to help you remove your contact lens faster.


Method One

  • Step1: Wash your hands to make them clean.

Washing your hands is the first thing you have to do before you start to take off your contact lenses. And you can use liquid soap to make sure that your hands are pretty clean, but remember, you should ensure that there is no residual soap on your hand after your washing.

  • Step2: Use your finger to open your eyelid.

The next step is to use your finger to open your eyelid. This can help you better find and move the contacts in your eyes.

  • Step3: Grip and pinch the contacts in your eyes.

After you find the location of your contact lenses, drag the contacts down a little bit, then use your dry thumb and index finger to grip and pinch them gently, and the moment you find that your contacts just separates a little bit from your eyeball, pull them out lightly and quickly.


Method Two

This is the key step of method two and the hyperlink above is related to it. The short video will show you how to do it perfectly. Just lift up your upper eyelid and pull down the lower eyelid, push them in, and squeeze the eyelids up and down. Then the the contact lenses will be popped out of your eyes.


Using a lens plunger or DMV remover to take out the contacts from eyes might be more hygienic, but if you just forgot to carry with them, the way to remove your contacts with your fingers provides great utility and it’s really faster than using tools.

Well, hope you can find something useful in this article. Now I have two decent contact lenses for you.


  1. Queen Green

Queen Green belongs to the Natural series from Ttdeye. This type of contacts is suitable for various eye colors such as black, brown and blue. And the colored contacts’ blending in with different eye color will create diverse visual effects. If you have a pair of blue eyes, your eyes will look very light and youthful when wear the contacts Queen Green. But if you have eyes in dark color like black and deep brown, the visual effect will be totally changed. Your eyes will emit a flavor of elegant and noble and you just look like a queen who grows up in castle.



    This is the other colored contact lenses I want to recommend you. The color of Queen Chocolate just as its name suggests, is kind of like the gorgeous chocolate color which can make your eyes look sweet and vibrant. And besides, Queen Chocolate is also pretty comfortable to wear. You eyes will feel fresh and hydrated all day long.


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