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Makeup ideas for Beauty Guidance

noviembre 16, 2017 2 min para leer



Maybe you are fretful that you don't have as much time to put on makeup as an office worker, or face such a predicament in the morning you paint beautiful makeup go out, in the afternoon it disappear…If you want to solve these problem, and become the goddess to win the hearts of your man, you'd better not miss this, today I'm going to share with you a few tips on makeup ideas on beauty hacks.

Flawless bottom makeup


The main purpose of foundation make-up is to improve skin color and texture. The make-up that clings to skin can make you more beautiful. First you just need to put the wet makeup sponge in the fridge. After a few minutes, pat the cold sponge on the foundation of your skin and you will feel more relaxed. The make-up also looks very fresh.


Many girls pay attention to face makeup but ignore the makeup for eyes, it is wrong. Eye makeup is a necessary step in makeup, it is the most likely way to make a difference.

Dramatic makeup tips for your eyes


The eyebrow is the portal of the eye, the brow of the painting should be symmetrical with the eye type and face. If you still can't draw a satisfactory eyebrow, try a new one, take eyebrow brush dip with eyebrow powder, sweep evenly on the brow. You will be pleasantly surprised to get a more natural and gentle effect. Eyeliner is the most important part of making your eyes bigger, and it makes your eyes look bigger. Another way to make your eyes look big and divine is, of course, contact lenses. Here, I’d like to recommend a trustworthy website TTDEYE which has specialized in selling colored contact lenses with many different colors and brands.

Winter is at the door, Ocean Green can make you stand out, and it's a perfect match for daily makeup. If you want me to choose the most versatile contact lenses, then blue is the No. 1.  Polar lights BlueReal Crystal are loved by the consumers around the world. Polar lights Blue is the most popular color of the Polar lights series. Real Crystal has a color between gray and light blue.  Many people like it, because there is a black circle in it, a strong contrast between black and gray. It makes eye color more layered.




Lipstick is like fashion, it makes women real women.

Lip makeup skills

Before applying lipstick, first know our lips.

Thin lips: use the lip liner to enlarge the lips.

Thick lips: this type of lip is the opposite of the thin lip, which reduces the area of the lips. You need to use a concealer at this point.

Lip lines: also use concealer product, at the same time lip balm is very necessary.



The desire to look attractive is universal. Make-up is a required course for women. Even if not for others, for oneself, a delicate look, can also bring cheerful mood and self-confidence. Ordinary people can also love the life, love the beauty, and live with a wise and positive attitude. Beauty has nothing to do with age. Hope these makeup ideas for beauty hacks could give you some inspirations.


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