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Rihana eye shadow with color lenses

noviembre 24, 2017 2 min para leer



Robin Rihanna is one of the best singers of all over the world. She has won eight Grammy Awards and released five Platinum-Certified albums. What’s more, her taste of fashion is highly praised by the mainstream media. There's so much to love about this girl, whether it's with her chart-topping albums or her eclectic style or her gorgeous makeup.


Ever since Rihanna launched her Fenty Beauty Galaxy Eye shadow Palette, it is a really star and has caused seismic waves across the industry, this collection is filled with dramatic color and glitter, is designed for intense finish. There are 14 shades in the brand's palette, and every one of them is a metallic, shimmery finish that can makes you “wow”. The key to Rihanna's style is that it's impossible to pin down, and that’s why her fashion collections so popular. This palette definitely has this feature, of course, flux and stink, the colors are iridescent options and more highly pigmented, intense hues. From smoky violet, to gold glitter, to pastel mint, this one can meet everyone’s appetite. The finishes deliver a futuristic 3D effect, and would be perfect for the coming Christmas party.

Rihanna's eyes was hugely magnified by Distinct roots of lashes bronzing blush revealed the black’s healthy skin, smoky purple eye shadows brought out her unique mature charm, shiny eye shadow under the brow bone sets off eye contours to be more clear, a deeper socket makes her eyes look more attractive.

Grey lenses can be said to be a all-match color, for a variety of skin tones. Because the eye shadow product we chose is shimmery, we should choose a dull color as a transitional color to make your eyes look more natural, a pair of grey eye contact lenses could create a blue feeling, making you a sweet, clinging type. You have a wild range of choices , including moonlight Gray, silver grey, dew grey, sugar grey, jelly grey and so on.


In this look, Rihanna used the red-brown eye shadow as background to match her dress, in the middle of the eyelid,she applied some fine flash golden to highlight, the makeup was like a glass of red wine and looked very glamorous. Green lenses can fit yellow or dark skin people well. Warm shades of eye shadow and green lenses match will never make mistakes, red-brown eye shadow show light contrast to Green lenses and makes her eyes shining. The color-matching of eye makeup shows Rihanna's is a powerful woman with lovely charming.

Among the popular celebrities whose makeup are widely followed, Rihanna is a name to reckon with. The secret to look like a celebrity, get a similar look. Learn her makeup, choose a pair of contact lenses that suits you.



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