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Wholesale Colored Contacts-TTDeye

Hi, all my dear friends, Hongkong No1 colored lenses brand -TTDeye is beginning to offer wholesale colored contacts service now.

TTDeye Color Contacts Wholesale

About TTDeye Colored Contacts Wholesale

What TTDeye offer for wholesaler

1. 400+ First class colored contacts that include all kinds of color contacts and lenses figures, which are widely used in party, makeup, Halloween and cosplay. Any requirements for colored contact lenses can be considered and designed after we research market.
2. TTDeye offers you competitive colored contacts wholesale price for 100 pairs or more.
3. The strong color contacts supply chain that ensures high quality and popular color lenses supply constantly.

TTDeye Color Contacts Specification

Water Content 38%
Thickness 0.004mm 
Texture Polymacon 
Base Curve 86mm 
Diameter 14mm~14.5mm
Period of Use 12 Months

Benefit for TTDeye Wholesaler

1. High quality colored contact products. 7 Years sale history and almost 600,000 fans around the world show ttdeye contacts reliable. Wholesale ttdeye contact lenses, you no longer to worry about the safety and quality of the products you will sell.
2. Small cost and large income. All TTDeye colored contact lenses are designed to offer beauty and character for plenty of girls and boys, fashion and useful, totally are the products you shouldn’t miss.
3. TTDeye mature supply chain ensures your ample colored lenses, never worry about a supply problem.

TTDeye Wholesaler Should Do

1. Free to join in and set your own price.
2. Sell colored contact lenses offered by TTDeye, which with TTDeye logo.
3. Minimum order quantity is 100 pairs.

Who and how to be TTDeye wholesaler

1. Everyone who has your own sale channel for colored contacts can be wholesaler right now.

2. The email needs to include the information below

  • Yourself and business introduction
  • URL/Location
  • Customer demographic
  • Expected order quantity.

3. If you are interested in wholesale TTDeye color contacts, send email to


Or You Can Just Contact With Us in Message on Bottom Right

Or Add What'sapp: +8618908046376 

 Want to be TTDeye wholesaler? Just contact us now. 


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