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Dream Lenses


Dream Brown Contacts

Hi, girls, still consider select which hair style and makeups? Just look below, you will find inspiration. Kinds of dream contact lenses always one is your favorite.

Dream Blue Lens

I always think that blue contact lenses hold huge magic. Combined cool and pure together. No matter which style you want, them can always offer for you.  

Dream Gray Lenses

The moment I saw these dream lenses below, I think of the dolls that my father offered as gifts. Once I have time, I dress them with various clothes. Now, I can also play myself as doll, gold hair and blue eyes, I very like it. What about you?

Pink Dream Contacts

If you still think that pink is a signal of sweet and cute, you may wrong. Cool gilrs also need pink, look these pictures, these dream pink lens will make you distinctive and energy, bring us another colorful world.

Green Dream Lenses

Dream green contacts, bring us refresh feeling that belongs to spring. Let us see forest, lake, grassland and mountains. Natural and special, suit for all kinds of makeups.

Dream contact lenses

Almost 3 years that I've wearing color contacts, I always think dream contact lens are so good-looking. Every eye dream contacts color have its feature, which offer you special and unique beauty.

The pink dream color lens look so fancy, contain a little shy only belongs to young girl, offer you magic and classic beauty. What's more, this unique coloring process is so hard, which usually need to paint 8 times for one len, if any deviation occur, the dream lenses have to be done again. We do so much just for perfect eye dream color contacts for you.

Above's blue and green dream color lens, so fashion and exotic, clear and magic, bring ocean and starry sky into your eyes.

As to brown and grey eye dream lens, so hot sale these years, obvious enlarge effect, no matter which kind of makeup you want, they're always be perfect.

In a word, these dream eyes contacts are so beautiful, as well as so big discount activity that once a year, why not buy now? Other TTDeye dream lenses figures you can choose. 

4 Various TTDeye Lense Features

1. As new generation of gas permeable lens, TTDeye eye dream contact lenses allow oxygen into your eyes during wear, preventing your eyes from becoming dry and sore.

2. Perfect color rendering, dream and enlarge effect, make you shining as queen. It will be better match with makeups.

3. Adopt new design concept, use silicon hydrogel materials, as well as tiny gas port on lenses, which raise breathability of dream color contacts, let your eyes breath freely.

4. Almost 38% water content in these dream lenses, which ensure eyes is in comfortable state all daylong.


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