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Rainbow Lenses

Gold Rainbow Contacts

Recently, gold eyes contacts are really hot, especially these 3 types above. Wear them, let your eyes sparkling every day. Be charming, secret and clever, how can you haven't ttdeye color lenses?

Colorful Rainbow Lenses

Wear rainbow lenses, put all starry star in your eyes. Mystery as purple, ethereal brought by pink, as well asartistic blue, once you blink, every stars can find their home.

Rainbow Circle Lenses

Let me introduce you my new love-rainbow eyes contacts. Closely follow 2018 fashion trend, colorful rainbow contacts bring us young and energy. Suit for all occasions, my male god also said they are pretty. Hurry buy now.

Besides pay attention to colored contact lenses quality, TTDeye also try our best to walk on the front of fashion. We keep a watchful eye on all fashion stuff, such as pretty color, popular hair style and beautiful clothing, just order to offer all our customers best color contacts, making you charming and gorgeous.

After research 2018 fashion trend, we publish this kind of rainbow contacts for sale. Almost 16 times improvement, TTDeye got what we want. And 280,000 visits monthly also turned out we got it. So I think that no matter from great quality or smart figures, these rainbow eyes contact lenses are worth you to buy.

Apart from these ttdeye rainbow contacts above, we also the other styles of contact lenses rainbow here.

7 Smart Features of TTDeye rainbow Contacts

1. High water-lockup. Using silicone hydrogel materials can keep more hydrone in rainbow contact lense and avoid some eye irritation result from dry eyes.

2. Anti-radiation and UVA. Advanced technology makes the rainbow contact lens more safe for internet population. It can protect your eyes from UVA all daylong and form protective layer for your eyes.  

3. Good comfortable feeling. Thin lens design, high oxygen permeability and softer make these rainbow color lens pliable, offer you comfortable feeling in a long time.

4. Filter glair. Advanced produce equipment and excellent materials reduce the rate of albumen precipitation maximum, make these contact lenses rainbow more cleaner.

5. Contact painting. Apprived by FDA, which own the highest safe lever.

6. Sandwich production process ensure rainbow contact safe and comfortable, as well as keep bright color as new for a long time.

7. Wear prescription color contact lenses can prevent the degree of myopia and astigmatism increase effectively, as well as correct pseudomyopia.

TTDeye also offers you other figures color contacts with high quality and fast shipping.

FAQ About Colored Contacts

1. How to choose color contacts? 

Compared with common contact lenses, colored contacts hold colorful lens. There are mainly 2 ways of craftsmanship, one is sandwich tech lens that pigment layer don't touch eyes. Another adopt printing and dyeing technology, in which pigment layer can touch your eyes directly, and cause irritation to your eyes.

Luckily, almost famous coloured contact brands produce their lens product under first method, like TTDeye eye contact,which always put safe on first place.

Because relate to our eye health, we'd better to buy these colored contacts of big brand.

2. How long it's better when wear party contacts? 

We don't advice you wear colored lense all daylong from Monday to Sunday, it's so bad to your eyes.

You'd better take off your contact party when sleeping using clean hand.

3. How to care color contacts?

Using specialized care solution for your colourful eye contacts. Once the care solution is opened, you should use it in three months.

There are typical questions asked by our customers. If you have the other question,we are welcome you to send your email to us,and we will deal with it as soon as we can.


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