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Hot Sale Lenses

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Hot Sale Brown Contacts

Each best contact lense enjoy their own style.Noble,misted and hot, May be eye makeups are not so hard, if you choose one suit and best color lenses.

Best Grey Lenses

 When I was a little girl, my dad always said I was his little princess, he try his best to give me everything I want. Then I grew up, I buy best thing for myself, best natural contacts, beautiful clothes. Be a queen in my world.

Best Blue Contacts

You can't image how beautiful these blue popular contacts are, unless you see them in glass bottles in your hand, just like you never know how pretty you can be untill you wear best quality coloured contact lenses like below.

Best Green Eye Lenses

I always believe each girl can show us various types of beauty. Sweet like doll, amazming as queen and cute as a little monster. What's you need is just try and explore. Wear kinds of best tinted contact lenses, find your most beautiful.

Hot Sale Pink Contacts

Wear pink contacts with best quality,find this sweet, cute and pure little girl in our heart. Enjoy the romantic and magic that brought from our childhood.

Best Chocolate Lenses

Want lively and natural big eyes? Just look at these best eye color contacts. No matter which style you want, there is always one for you.

Popular Black Contacts

Just look, the best black lenses are coming. Don't hesitant again, it is little black ring lenses, which are so hot around the world now, thousands of girls crazy for it. Hurry buy now.

Choose best color lenses Here

Hi girls, several great festivals are coming, it's no doubt that we should meet them at our best, in which makeup is necessary, of course, one pair of best contact lenses is needed.

Own 7 years experience, TTDeye always want to give you the best. In order to help our customers to choose their suit best coloured contact lenses, after almost 2 weeks survey, we recommend to you these 27 types best contacts, which are hot sale in TTDeye and thousands of girls like. Almost every fashion color of 2018 you can find among these best online contact lenses. With so many loyal people's like, trusted contact brand and high quality, you can totally choose and buy your favorites color lenses freely.

3 unique advantages of TTDeye color contacts

1. High quality. Using silicone hydrogel materials and advanced sandwich craftsmanship, these TTDeye hot sale color lenses make your eyes comfortable and safe.

2. Cheap price. These time, TTDeye holds promotion activity once a year, as well as free shipping, which can save you much money, for people who want to buy colored contacts, this will be best chance.

3. Pretty and special design. All kinds of these best eye color contacts we introduce to you are bought by many people before, about 78% customers among them purchase these lenses again. Buy these hot sale color contacts, you will never regret.

4. Besides these best sale online contact lenses, TTDeye also offer you the other color eye contact lenses for sale.

As one girl who don't go out without colored contacts, I also met so many questions when I wear eye contacts, in the following I will share them for you.

1.What's the difference between colored contact and contact lenses?

Generally speaking, contact lenses only have one layer, while color contact lens use sandwich technology, which have 3 layers. From this aspect, eye color contacts are thicker than contact lens. However, with the development and improvement of best colored contacts' production process, the lens of color contacts are also getting thinner, which ensure high comfortable when we wear.

2.Does colored contacts fade?

May be you've heard that before, some people said their color contact len lose color, this because they bought fake lenses. These best eye contacts from regular brand are made by sandwich technology, which can prevent colored eye contacts fading effectively.

3.Which conditions we shouldn't wear color lenses?

The people who is pregnant, have a cold or have any ophthalmic diseases shouldn't wear best colored contacts, which also contains  laser surgery, corneal transplantation as well as the one doctor suggests don't wear colour contacts.

4.Some color contacts' parameters

There is one misunderstanding for most people. The water content of contacts is not the higher, the better. If you have no idea which water content is good for you, then you can choose these colored contact lenses with 38% water content.


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