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New Arrivals Lenses


New Green Contacts

Like Chanel's show, green lenses bring us surprise one by one. Combined fashion trend and customers' need together, TTDeye brings you 3 new contact lenses as following. Refresh and cute, natural and clever. Just buy now.

New Blue Contacts Lenses

Light blue, deep blue, which one you like? One tone, two tones, which one you choose? Just see pictures below, may be you can get your answers.

New Grey Eye Contacts

How you meet your dream guy in several upcoming festivals, how you show your love for him? I think one eye contact is enough. Look these 3 hot sale eye lens, every one can offer you charming and attractive eyes to express your entire emotion. Just order now.

New Brown Eye Lens

No matter how many colors, brown is always my favorite. Choose one TTDeye new pretty brown lenses, shared with you every occasion together. The joy, the happiness, the sad, and pain.

New Pink Contact Lense

In these occasion that natural makeups are in vogue again, own one pair of pink contacts is our smart desicion. The simplest is the best, it's time to show your own style boldly. Own the latest pink contacts, be unique queen in the world.

New Purple Contact Lenses

The moment I saw purple lenses, I fall in love with them deeply. So holy, noble and mystery. I was greatly impressed by these new style figures and fresh design, no matter which one you choose, I believe you will never regret.

For beauty, you need new color lenses

Just from these new pictures we got from our customers, you will know how important of colors contact.

Nowadays, new contact lenses attract so many people's attention, especially for girls.From popular stars to ordinary girls, almost everyone is fan of new eye contacts. These pretty color contacts are becoming essential for fashion, match with simple eye makeups, you can get incomparable big eyes.

As we all know colored contacts derived from South Korea, in order to get best stage effects, a little artists custom exaggerated new lens put on the eyes, and in this way to make their eyes pretty. When find this business opportunity, glass factories researched and improved many times, finally these new comfortable and colorful lenses were published for people's daily life, which are these colored contacts now.  

Rely on advanced technology and experience, TTDeye offers plenty of colored contact stylesfor our customers. And these 18 kinds of contacts are latest version contacts styles that many people like. You can choose your favorites lenses, match with various makeups and dress, be queen, be princess as you like.

Why thousands of girls crazy about new colored contacts?

There are several girls' answer below.

1. Without colored lens I found my eyes are dull and glassy. However when I order one new contacts, the moment I wear them, I felt surprise, these magic new lens make my eyes sparkling and gorgeous, which is I never image.

2. One customer who wear colours contacts about 3 years said the only reason she purchase colored lenses was she wants her eyes always in the state of charming.

3. The other said in order to own big eyes, once she wear these new contact lenses 2018, she felt her eyes were twice the size of inborn.

Finally when I classify these reply, I found most of them were related with beauty and temperament. Obviously, coloured contacts are the important point we become pretty. So why you don't try it?

Several tips about new color contacts

1. Due to the original liquid in new color contact lenses is normal saline, which is not good for our eyes, we need to soak our new color contacts 2018 in specialised care solution, usually 24 hours are OK.

2. Never using water to replace care solution for new contacts lens, because lots of germ in water which is likely to cause eyes infections.

3. When you wear new colored contacts, be sure wash your hands first. Then distinguish the pros and cons of the new lenses. Usually,new color contact's right side is more like a small bowl, on the contrary, the other side is similar as plate. After several times wear, you will tell apart them fast.

Several questions about new colored contacts

1. If your new style color contact lens are very easy to slip, it's most probably due to the curve of new eye lens isn't fit for you.

2. The other parameters like water content, materials, diameters and thickness play important role for our comfortable feeling.

3. New lenses color and painting diameter are the most important elements that determine whether your beauty or not.


Aimed at issues, choose TTDeye new contact lenses will be your smart choice. Because TTDeye's colored lenses considered everything you think. Each our new coloured lenses are tested strictly, with 7 years history, we always offer our customers the best. If you any questions related with color lenses,  email us now , we will deal with it as soon as we can.


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